Mother checking in with her child who is looking at a laptop screen.

Families need trust between all their members to operate, and that can often make for conflicted feelings in parents. Kids need to be trusted, but how much is too much, and how can you balance trust, their safety, and your responsibility as a parent? If you install a parental control app, is that the same as looking through their diary? Here’s how to draw a line between responsible parenting and being too intrusive.

Parents sitting behind their child while he is looking at his laptop computer.

We all have embarrassing pictures of our childhood out there. Yet where before those pictures would sit in albums or shoeboxes waiting for a slow time over the holidays or a weekend, now they can be visible to the entire world. Before you share that snapshot, consider the following. Sorting

Two young teens outside near a brook in the winter with snow.

There’s nothing kids love more than a snow day. Parents, however, are worried that the day might be spent in front of screens. And while there’s nothing wrong with an episode or two, there’s no reason to give up a perfectly good day off to screens.

Mom and daughter sitting on a couch appearing calm.

Every parent has had that awkward moment where the kids imitate something they say or do without understanding the context, like a word blurted out in a moment of temper. Children tend to follow the cues of their parents in what they do, behavior that can endure for far longer than either side realizes. This makes parents “walking the walk” a fundamental part of helping their kids develop better phone habits.

Woman looking at her phone with a surprised look.

While parents can do quite a bit to block in-app purchases, sometimes kids get a new device, log into a different one, or just press the wrong button with the wrong setting enabled. Suddenly there’s an extra zero on your credit card bill and a big problem. Don’t despair, though; you’ve got more than one tool to fight inappropriate in-app purchases.

Smiling teen looking at his phone while holding a credit card.

Technology moves quickly, and parents can struggle to keep up. There are two major changes coming in particular in 2020; the expansion of both 5G and the “Internet of Things,” abbreviated as “IoT.” Here’s what parents need to know.

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