Girl with PPE face mask.

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting stress on every aspect of life, and not even children can escape that. Parents want to help, yet sorting what’s an effective stress reliever from what’s not can be yet another task on a seemingly endless list. Here’s how to protect both the mental and physical

Two teens looking at a phone.

Being a parent in the modern world can be a full-time job in itself. With the digital layered on top of that, it can be even more of a challenge. How do you develop a digital parenting style, and is there an ideal one? What Is “Digital Parenting?” Digital parenting

Mobile phone with VSCO app displayed.

There’s a bewildering number of social media apps out there, especially themed around photography and video. VSCO is one you may have heard of, as it’s steadily growing with thirty million users. Here’s what you need to know about VSCO. What Is VSCO? Short for Visual Supply Company, VSCO is

Device free zone

With bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies increasing, and the prevalence of screens in daily life, some institutions, such as schools and museums, are beginning to create screen-free areas, banning smartphones, tablets, and laptops. One of the methods of keeping screens secure is a product called Yondr, which physically locks up smartphones. What is Yondr,

Mother sitting next to her daughter in front of a computer.

We all know that too much sitting is bad for us. We have watches that encourage us to get up and move, standing desks to keep us from sitting too long, and even more tools. Yet what’s true for adults is also true for kids, and sports and outdoor activities

Every parent worries about their kids, and with smartphones, that worry can veer into some potentially unhealthy places. Families are built on trust, after all, and as the weather warms and kids want to be outside, you need to show that trust. However, a phone tracker when kids are outside

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