Young teen looking intently at her phone.

There’s a flurry of apps around any phone. One, in particular, that stands out to parents is Kik. Here’s what you need to know about Kik, parental control apps, and how to manage the app. What Is Kik? Kik is an instant messaging app, available on iOS and Android, popular

Smiling boy with a smart phone.

Back when many parents were kids, the smartest toys they got were beeping or moving to a song. These days, however, there are fantastically complex devices designed to do everything from reading moods to connect to the internet to play games and update software. But when is a smart toy

Girl lying in bed with covers over her head looking at a tablet.

Getting kids into healthy sleep patterns can be a challenge, and evidence increasingly points to screens making it a tougher job for parents. Here’s what you need to know about kids, screen time, and sleep. Screens Keep You Up There are two schools of thought that overlap on screens keeping

Young teen writing while looking at a tablet screen.

Parents have a multitude of advice around what screens kids should have and when. Yet, tablets are particularly fraught. Since they connect to the internet and can be loaded with apps, there are both benefits and pitfalls parents can struggle with.  Here’s what parents should know about age-appropriate use, parental

Streaming service on a tablet.

It can be difficult to keep track of every streaming service out there and whether its content is appropriate for children or whether it needs to be filtered by parental control software. If you’re wondering what Quibi is, and whether it’s appropriate for children, here’s what you need to know.

Two teens taking selfies.

Every social network will push you to add a profile picture. It draws you more into the platform, makes it more likely people will respond and react, and creates, in the best case, a sense of community. For teens, in particular, it can be an issue of safety and self-confidence.

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