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Livestreaming is becoming more popular, as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other video-based social media become more accepted and commonplace. Parents, however, need to keep an eye out for lesser-known apps that may be a problem to filter through parental control software, and BIGO Live is one of them. What Is

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The anonymity of the internet has both positives and negatives. Being able to create a private emotional space is important for everyone, and that’s something the internet has enabled. Unfortunately, it’s also opened the door to cyberbullying, even when something is launched with the best of intentions, and that includes Tellonym.

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Sometimes, all you need to know about an app is its name. Discord, the popular chat app for gamers, would seem to fit that bit. Here’s what parents should know about the popular chat app. What Is Discord?Discord is a free chat app supporting text, voice, and video chat. It

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Language is one of the great barriers to change, and Ablo has an admirable mission in that it tries to connect people across languages. But is that safe for kids? Here’s what parents need to know about Ablo. What Is Ablo?Ablo is a social networking and instant messaging app for iOS

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Chat apps can be useful for maintaining social ties, meeting people from different cultures, and exploring new perspectives on the world. They can also be, for families, a complete mess and possibly even dangerous without rules and parental control software.  One, Omegle, is a cause for particular concern. Here’s what parents

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Sex and sexuality will be a tough topic for any family. And the wide availability of pornography on the internet makes it more difficult. Here’s how to spot the signs before it becomes a problem. The Obvious Signs There will be some obvious signs your child is looking at pornography. Usually,

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