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by Nick Merry on October 28, 2016
It is hard to pick up a newspaper today without reading an article on the negative impacts too much screen time can have on our children. From children getting less out door fresh air than convicts to the amount of times teens check their social media during the night (reportedly about 10 times a night).

We have parents who have faced violent outbursts for closing down a device and teachers reporting kids falling asleep in class due to overtiredness (3am minecraft perhaps).

A few of the readily available Screen Time Labs Team

We recognise the need for parental control of kids mobile devices, and as our customer base has grown, we too have grown. The Screen Time Labs team is made up of parents fighting the very same battles as you. We are now a team of 15 and expecting to double that in the next 12 months.

So you can be safe in the knowledge that your concerns are our concerns and with our growing team, we’ll be working doubly hard to be the parental helping hand that enables your kids to get a happy balance between time spent with their devices and time discovering what the rest of life has to offer.

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