What ports does Screen Time use?

by Oliver Brushfield-Smith on March 3, 2017
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Debbie’s Story – Encourage creativity and set limits

by Oliver Brushfield-Smith on September 20, 2016

We recently caught up with single mom Debbie and chatted to her about how Screen Time helped her daughter spend less time on her device, saves Debbie’s time and reduces her stress levels.
Whether she’s offline or online Debbie’s daughter likes to be creative. She makes mandalas, bracelets and other crafty things by herself and with her mom. When she’s on her device she creates and films stories that she puts up on YouTube and builds vast worlds on Minecraft.

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Aron’s Story – Getting ahead of the problem

by Oliver Brushfield-Smith on June 8, 2016

We all worry what our kids are doing online and how much time they spend on their devices. Most parents are fortunate, their kids don’t have any bad experiences or, if they do, it’s not something really bad. Aron is a little different, he’s a detective that investigates crimes against against children so he’s seen more than his fair share of bad situations involving kids, their devices and the internet.

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What are Android’s inbuilt parental controls?

by Oliver Brushfield-Smith on April 30, 2016

User profiles are designed to allow Android devices to be shared without giving other people access to all of your accounts and information. In houses where devices are being shared between parents and children this means that mom can have a profile with her email account and banking app set up on it, and the child can have a separate profile where they can have Minecraft installed and can’t access the information or apps on mommy’s profile.

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NEW FEATURE: School can start at any time!

by Oliver Brushfield-Smith on April 8, 2016

When Steve was first developing the School Time feature for his kids he didn’t anticipate the demand from other countries and so a start time in the morning and end time in the afternoon/evening looked like it would work for most parents. Since then though we’ve had plenty of feedback from parents asking for more flexibility, and we’ve been listening!

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