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Everyone has a right to privacy online, but children, in particular, may not understand some of the risks involved with being on the internet. Here are some effective ways to protect your family’s privacy on the internet. Educate A well-informed family is the first step. A family meeting should go

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Pornography is extremely commonplace on the internet. While everyone agrees that children should be kept away from it, how to do so can feel overwhelming.  Here are practical and effective ways to keep your kids away from online porn. Encourage Knowledge, Not Taboo Many kids don’t seek out pornography. Instead,

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The threat of sexual predators online isn’t as common as the news might lead you to believe. Yet, while bullying and theft are much more common online, there is still a risk from predators, particularly those who spend weeks, months, or even years insinuating themselves into the lives of teens. 

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Whether it’s Fortnite, Minecraft or Animal Crossing, more and more video games are headed online. And parents have good reason to be concerned about the risks of online gaming. Here’s what you need to know about online games, parental control apps, and the risks. Remember Bullying and Theft Are the

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Chat apps can be a positive thing. When friends and family move away, you don’t have to lose touch, which can be particularly painful for kids. Moreover, families can find new groups of friends around shared interests or needs. That’s the appeal of an app like Yubo, but like other chat

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There’s a flurry of apps around any phone. One, in particular, that stands out to parents is Kik. Here’s what you need to know about Kik, parental control apps, and how to manage the app. What Is Kik? Kik is an instant messaging app, available on iOS and Android, popular

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