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YouTube is a vast repository of knowledge, from word pronunciations to history lessons to even primary historical sources from museums and government archives. But all you have to do is visit the site’s notorious comments section to realize it can also be an awful place for anyone, especially children. How can you help kids navigate the pitfalls of YouTube to find the prizes?

Laptop keyboard.

Time spent in front of screens can be a contentious issue for families. Even kids who stick to the rules otherwise may try to evade your rules on how much time is spent on screens in the first place. How do parents stop, and start, the clock to help kids keep a healthy balance?

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We all want the best for our kids, especially in a world that can seem unusually harsh and awful. But kids eventually become adults, and they need the tools to navigate the world, digital and real, by themselves. Here’s how parents can help equip them with the skills they need.

Young girl using a tv remote.

As long as television has existed, kids and adults have fought over what kids can see and what they’re too young for. Netflix has only made these fights more intense, as content for the entire family can sit cheek and jowl with content strictly for adults, either in terms of philosophy or content. Here’s how to use Netflix parental controls, and parental control apps, to settle these arguments.

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A map that constantly tracks exactly where you are can sound like the stuff of nightmares. And sometimes SnapMap, Snapchat’s feature where it locates users on a map has been the subject of horrifying stalking stories, but it’s also served the public good more than once. Here’s what parents need to know about how it works, how to talk to their children about the risk, and whether teens should use it.

Mother comforting her teenage daughter.

Social media, as an industry, has long struggled with privacy and children accessing their platforms. Facebook, in particular, has spent years attempting to balance its desire for data with its need to protect children. Fortunately, there are a set of tools you can use to take the lead and protect your children on Facebook.

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