Mom and daughter sitting on a couch appearing calm.

Every parent has had that awkward moment where the kids imitate something they say or do without understanding the context, like a word blurted out in a moment of temper. Children tend to follow the cues of their parents in what they do, behavior that can endure for far longer than either side realizes. This makes parents “walking the walk” a fundamental part of helping their kids develop better phone habits.

Woman looking at her phone with a surprised look.

While parents can do quite a bit to block in-app purchases, sometimes kids get a new device, log into a different one, or just press the wrong button with the wrong setting enabled. Suddenly there’s an extra zero on your credit card bill and a big problem. Don’t despair, though; you’ve got more than one tool to fight inappropriate in-app purchases.

Smiling teen looking at his phone while holding a credit card.

Technology moves quickly, and parents can struggle to keep up. There are two major changes coming in particular in 2020; the expansion of both 5G and the “Internet of Things,” abbreviated as “IoT.” Here’s what parents need to know.

Woman writing on a document while looking at her tablet.

Android is an “open source” operating system, which allows developers to build tablets with kids and their safety in mind. Yet not all tablets are created equal, and any tablet will have limitations you’ll need to address. Here are the best, and how to make them better.

Many families are resolving to use their phones less in 2020 as part of their New Year’s resolution to be closer. But that can be tough to do since exciting and useful features are always being added to phones. Here’s how to create a resolution that sticks.

Grandmother and granddaughter in red sweaters taking a selfie.

Smartphones will be under many trees this Christmas with a child’s name on the tag. Before they’re unwrapped, though, you’ll need to make a few decisions about how you’re going to manage how it’s used, and why.

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