Young teen sitting in the dark looking at a computer screen.

Sex and sexuality will be a tough topic for any family. And the wide availability of pornography on the internet makes it more difficult. Here’s how to spot the signs before it becomes a problem. The Obvious Signs There will be some obvious signs your child is looking at pornography. Usually,

Young teen sitting at his desk looking at his phone screen.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended almost everything in society, and how families spend their time is no exception. Team sports, extracurricular activities, birthday parties, and a whole host of other events and time have simply vanished, leaving a string of gaps in the day. Meanwhile, with remote schooling and video-call socializing, screen

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Messaging apps have never been more popular, more central to our social lives, or of greater concern. WhatsApp is just one of the many, many messaging apps out there competing for our family’s time and attention, but is it safe for kids? WhatsApp: The Basics WhatsApp is owned by Facebook but is

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While every family establishes their own rules around the internet, once kids go to school, it’s the administration that makes those decisions. Before kids head to school, here’s what you should know about their internet policies. The Rules And PunishmentsStart with what the rules themselves are. What’s expected of students when

Mother and teen daughter sitting on a couch with laptops.

There are a lot of risks online. Yet, the most common one, by far, is financial. Computer and data security are something kids should learn now, as they’ll need those skills throughout their lives. Here’s how to teach them how to be smart online. Set Up “Training Wheels” Until kids

Young girl looking at a computer screen.

Everyone has a right to privacy online, but children, in particular, may not understand some of the risks involved with being on the internet. Here are some effective ways to protect your family’s privacy on the internet. Educate A well-informed family is the first step. A family meeting should go

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