Young teen girl using a game controller.

Game consoles can be a source of entertainment and even education. But they can also be the wellspring of tears, tantrums, and arguments. While there are currently no third-party parental control apps for the console, here’s how to manage the PlayStation 4 (PS4)’s parental controls to keep the rules in place.

Young teen looking at her phone while standing in a road.

Tracking every social media phenomenon kids fall in love with can be tough. And sometimes they’re difficult to understand, not least in terms of the appeal. TikTok, in particular, can be one parents struggle with. Here’s what you need to know about TikTok.

Father and son on bicycles.

With the arrival of Daylight Savings’ Time, the clocks roll forward an hour and suddenly there’s a lot more sunshine for kids to play in. The question, of course, is how, and why, to motivate them to get outside.

Kids with a laptop

Increasingly, laptops and smartphones are central to education. And in some ways, they’re a teacher’s dream, a tool that can instantly answer questions, point children towards educational content, and help work complex problems and concepts. But, of course, they can also be a distraction. Here’s what you need to know about “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies and your family screen time rules.

Two young teens looking at a tablet together.

When shopping for a mobile plan, it pays to read the fine print, especially around data. A plan may say it’s unlimited, but reduce your data speed after a certain point, and data limits that seem generous may quickly run out. Some will even do both. Here’s how to keep your family under the limit, even if there isn’t supposed to be one.

Mother checking in with her child who is looking at a laptop screen.

Families need trust between all their members to operate, and that can often make for conflicted feelings in parents. Kids need to be trusted, but how much is too much, and how can you balance trust, their safety, and your responsibility as a parent? If you install a parental control app, is that the same as looking through their diary? Here’s how to draw a line between responsible parenting and being too intrusive.

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