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While “the internet is forever” might be a mild exaggeration, it’s not inaccurate to say that the internet can cling to your personal information and things you say for a shockingly long time. And tweens might not realize just how large and enduring their internet footprint is. Here’s what parents

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Some apps fix their problems. Others rebrand and hope everyone forgets them. So it is with Look, which was once Sochat and is now Sochat again. And both should be in your parental control software’s blacklist. What Was Look?As far as we can tell, the Look app is no longer

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One of the unexpected consequences of the smartphone revolution is that we now have a global network of still and video cameras interconnected with each other where images can be commented on in real time. VSCO is a good example of that change, and it’s one parents should think carefully

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Anonymity has two sides on the internet. On the positive side, it lets people ask questions, present concerns, and otherwise interact with others with a feeling of comfort and safety. On the negative, it means that cyberbullying, online grooming, and other dangers are harder to deal with. Whisper, a social media

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Since we wrote our Quick Parental Guide to Kik, the messaging platform has only gotten more popular.  In light of that, we’re going to talk in more detail about the conversations parents could have about Kik and how parental control software can be used. Kik Messaging: The Basics Available on iOS

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People are naturally curious about each other; consider how when you first meet someone, you’ll ask them questions like what they do for a living, where they live, where they’re from, and so on. Social networks like have taken that tendency online, which can create risks for teens. And

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