Social media is a fact of life, and it can be a great thing. It lets us stay in touch with friends and family, gives us leads on jobs, and helps us coordinate big events. But there’s a dark side to everybody being in touch with everyone else, and it needs to be kept in check.

Young teen looking at her tablet.

Contrary to popular belief, kids read more than adults, in part because they’re expected to and in part because they have more time to sit down with a good book. That said, parents are reasonably concerned about how much time kids spend watching TV, playing games, and otherwise engaged with screens. 

Mother and father looking at a phone screen together.

When it comes to Android devices, Samsung is undeniably the world leader, not just in phones, but in tablets, televisions, and a host of other devices driven by Android as well. That presents a challenge for parents, since they need to enforce the rules when it comes to apps and screen time. Here’s how to prepare a Samsung device for family use.

parental controls android

Raising children during the Age of Technology has its fair share of challenges. Ensuring that your kids don’t spend too much time in front of an illuminated blue screen is just one of them. If you’re an Android-friendly family, you already have a few key monitoring tools at your disposal.

Stealing is the highest form of flattery, and Snapchat must feel incredibly flattered lately, because Facebook has just announced Threads, an app for Instagram that sounds, looks, and feels suspiciously like Snapchat. But there are a few important differences between it and Snapchat (the “self-destructing” image app) that parents should know about.

Father speaking with his son.

There are many moments that mark kids growing up, in big ways and in small ways. Increasingly one of these turning points is a child’s first cell phone. Parents may understandably be hesitant to hand over an expensive and powerful device without setting some ground rules, and in some cases, a “family contract” covering phone use can make a lot of sense.

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