Layout Fixer iOS 10 & 11

Follow these steps to install Layout Fixer on iPad or iPhone

  • 1. Install Layout Fixer

    When you tap the install button below you will be presented with two dialog boxes.


  • 2. Tap Install

    On the first one, tap Install and wait a few seconds.

  • 3. Restart the device

    The second dialog box will then pop up saying ‘Unable to Download App’. Don’t press Done, instead restart the device by holding down the power button.

  • All set!

    Once the device has restarted you will see a grayed out Layout Fixer icon with the text “Waiting..” underneath. If you do then you’re all set (we did say it was quirky)!

NOTE: The Layout Fixer app will not work if it’s put into a folder, so please ask your children to leave it where it is when it’s installed.