How to stop nagging your children

by Anna Hughes on February 17, 2017

We are loving Miriam’s review of our app this week. No parent wants to be the Bad Cop, right?!

“This is really easy to use. It’s making a huge difference in the amount I have to nag. I’m now 100 percent consistent because I don’t have to remember to follow through. It’s like an automated bad cop. I like being the good cop.” 

Miriam, Feb 2017

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8 ways to get your kids off the couch during The Big Game

by Anna Hughes on February 2, 2017

We at Screen Time are big believers in having a healthy online/offline balance. Which is why we made our app – to help parents to have more control over the amount of time their kids spend on their devices.

The Big Game is fast approaching, which means a whole lot of screen watching is in store – roughly 4 hours of it depending on how keen a fan the viewer is.

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New Year’s resolutions and how to keep them, using the Screen Time app

by Anna Hughes on January 6, 2017

Happy New year from Screen Time! (We’re not sure when you’re supposed to stop saying that either).

At Screen Time HQ, we’ve been discussing our New Year’s resolutions. The standard ones have inevitably been thrown in (join a gym, eat more healthily, slightly reduce Prosecco consumption), as well as a couple of less traditional ones involving underpants (see graph for details).

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Three easy Thanksgiving activities to lure your kids away from their devices

by Anna Hughes on November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving, in an ideal world, is a valuable time to be with our families. To laugh, to embrace one another, to joyfully reminisce about the good old days. To make new memories and enjoy a day full of meaningful conversations with loved ones.

This scenario is of course completely fictional for most. Anyone with children who claims their Thanksgiving was in any way straightforward or dreamlike, is probably bending the truth quite significantly. Especially if they were the ones hosting the festivities.

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A little on the team at Screen Time Labs

by Nick Merry on October 28, 2016
ScreenTime Team photo

A few of the readily available Screen Time Labs Team

It is hard to pick up a newspaper today without reading an article on the negative impacts too much screen time can have on our children. From children getting less out door fresh air than convicts to the amount of times teens check their social media during the night (reportedly about 10 times a night).

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