Have you struggled to introduce Screen Time to your kids?

by Nick Merry on October 28, 2016
ScreenTime Parent and Child contract taped to the fridge

ScreenTime Parent and Child contract

“But why?” – sound familiar? Its great to have inquisitive kids, but those two words must pass our younglings lips more than any other.

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A little on the team at Screen Time Labs

by Nick Merry on October 28, 2016
ScreenTime Team photo

A few of the readily available Screen Time Labs Team

It is hard to pick up a newspaper today without reading an article on the negative impacts too much screen time can have on our children. From children getting less out door fresh air than convicts to the amount of times teens check their social media during the night (reportedly about 10 times a night).

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Screen Time Labs wins SETsquared Bristol’s ‘Start-up of the month’ award

by Anna Hughes on October 18, 2016

Amidst the bonhomie of SETSquared’s summer ‘Beer’n’Pizza’ evening whilst cruising around Bristol’s Floating Harbour in glorious sunshine, we were delighted to be named ‘Start-up of the month’. The unexpected award comes at a time when we are busier than ever as the need of our parental control app increases particularly as kids go back to school and the inevitable build up to Christmas begins.

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Debbie’s Story – Encourage creativity and set limits

by Oliver Brushfield-Smith on September 20, 2016

We recently caught up with single mom Debbie and chatted to her about how Screen Time helped her daughter spend less time on her device, saves Debbie’s time and reduces her stress levels.
Whether she’s offline or online Debbie’s daughter likes to be creative. She makes mandalas, bracelets and other crafty things by herself and with her mom. When she’s on her device she creates and films stories that she puts up on YouTube and builds vast worlds on Minecraft.

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Were you too cool for school?

by Nick Merry on September 16, 2016

Did you have BMX envy or a roller boot rivalry? How did you get to school and how do your kids get there today?


With the long relaxed summer (well, relaxed from your kids’ point of view) drawing to a close and the back to school rush is upon us, we’ve taken a look at the favoured modes of transport for kids to get to school under their own steam.

If it’s safe (and not too far), getting your kids to cycle or scoot to school can help them concentrate during the day ahead – plus it’ll help to burn off the night’s accumulated energy and will get fresh air in their lungs. But while these are the favoured modes of transport for the school run in 2016, things weren’t always the same. We’ve travelled through time all the way back to the 1970s to remember how the transport of choice for children has changed over the years.

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Switch on, switch off and join in with the Backyard Olympics this summer  

by Anna Hughes on August 8, 2016

The Olympics are in full swing, and they offer a great opportunity to get kids inspired to explore sports of all kinds. With coverage online throughout the games, there’s a huge supply of content of sportsmen and women excelling in their fields and proving how exciting getting out and about can be.

We’ve got the perfect way to get your family involved with the Olympics, even if you’re a plane ride away from Rio. Our Backyard Olympics infographic has got everything you need to hold your very own games in your garden. Bring out the best in everyone in your family by holding a range of events using household items – from potatoes to paddling pools.

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Get to know the Screen Time team: hello Neil Prosser

by Anna Hughes on July 11, 2016

Life is busy for any tech startup team and we’re no exception. It’s no easy task developing an app for parents which stops family arguments over screen time around the globe! But we thought we should take some time out to help you get to know the friendly, talented folk behind Screen Time a little better. First up is one of our software engineers and newest member of the team. Over to you Neil…

Neil Prosser, software developer, Screen Time app

What did you do before Screen Time

Before joining Screen Time I spent over seven years with MixRadio, who were a music streaming company based in Bristol.

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