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Know here your child is at any time. View their GPS history to know where they’ve been. Set up alerts to make sure they get safely to school, practice or come home.

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Powerful, all-in-one parental control platform

  • Family Tracking

    If your child’s device has an internet connection, Screen Time can show you their current location at a tap of a button. If there is no internet connection, you’ll see the last known location on a map.

  • Geo-Trips

    Our platform can record a series of location that we then combine into a trip. For each trip recorded, for example the walk to school, you will see a series of points (from start to finish) on the map, with time details of each point. We also record faster trips, for example car or bus trips.

  • Geo-Fencing

    You can set up real-time alerts for specific places your child visits often. Once they reach that location, Screen Time will notify you immediately. For example, you can get an alert when they make it safely to school, soccer practice or come home on time.


What parents have to say

“The location feature works when location is turned OFF on the kid’s phone, which is a great thing.”

Ioan D.

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