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Monitor SMS, MMS and third-party messaging apps on your child’s Android device. View photos taken or saved locally on their phone.

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Powerful, All-in-One Text Monitoring Platform

  • Monitor Your Child’s Text Messages

    Screen Time supports monitoring of incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS messages. Every message will be available to view in the order it was collected through the Android parent app or our web dashboard.

  • Monitor 3rd Party Messaging Apps

    Monitoring of third-party messaging apps is also supported but is limited to inbound notifications only due to the restrictions of the Android platform. Third-party apps include WhatsApp, Viber, Kik and other popular platforms.

  • View Photos On Your Child’s Phone

    Ensure your child is not being exposed to inappropriate content or sharing risky photos. Screen Time allows parents to see any photos saved on their kid’s Android device or sent/received via a text message.


What Parents Have to Say

I love being able to block you tube and chrome on my kids phones. They are able to use other apps if I approve. Talking about proper phone usage is the best way to teach kids. This app helps the kids stay within safe boundaries.

Alison G.

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Protect Your Kids From a Variety of Dangers

Keep your children out of trouble with text and photo monitoring. Be aware if they’re being exposed to inappropriate images, making unapproved after-school plans, or anything else they may be conversing about.

  • Cyberbullying

    Cyberbullying can be difficult for your kids to open up about if they’ve been on the receiving end. Or they could unknowingly be engaged in activities that are hurting another child’s feelings. No matter the situation, you can stay in the loop with their conversations to spot any risky behavior.

  • Text Scams

    These days, scammers can be pretty convincing, especially for unsuspecting children. Ensure that they don’t fall victim to these text message-based traps.

  • Inappropriate Content

    Whether it’s an inappropriate photo or a link to an unsavory website, you can stay alert about what content your child may be discussing or consuming.


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