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Filter and block inappropriate websites. Monitor websites your child visits and view their search history on Google, YouTube and other search engines.

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Powerful, All-in-One Parental Controls for Internet Browsers

  • View Your Child’s Web Browsing History

    If you’re worried about what your child is being exposed to online, this feature can help give you some peace of mind. Screen Time enables you to see the list of websites they’ve visited in the last 24 hours. If you’re not sure what a particular website is, you can tap on the name to open a web browser and go to the page your child was viewing.

  • Monitor Your Child’s Search History

    Search history works similarly to web history but gives you a snapshot into your child’s online behavior. Screen Time can record search terms typed into a search engine, like Google or YouTube. You can go back up to 7 days to see what your child was searching for online.

  • Filter Inappropriate Websites (Android Only)

    Keep your child’s online experience safe with our web filtering and website blocking technology. Screen Time puts you in control of websites your child can access on their device. Block individual domains or entire website categories.


What Parents Have to Say

I am very pleased with this app. It gives peace of mind. Not only does it filter out adult content but it tracks and restricts phone usage according to the parameters I choose. Daily reports are very useful. It is also great that social media app usage can be tracked.

Rosie P.

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Keeping Your Child Safe & Secure Online

Screen Time’s Web Filtering can help reduce the psychological risks of surfing the web, along with online security risks.

  • Secure Your Devices

    Limiting your child to a list of approved sites can help prevent them from stumbling upon viruses, scams & malware.

  • Avoid Predators & Cyberbullying

    Many of the dangers of the internet come from other users, rather than the sites themselves. Protect your child from bullies or predators by blocking risky chat apps & social media.

  • Block Inappropriate Content

    Keep your child from wandering into pornography, violent games, and other content they aren’t ready to see.


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