Struggled to introduce Screen Time to your kids? Check out the Family Screen Time Pact

by Nick Merry on October 28, 2016
The Family Screen Time Pact. “But why?” – sound familiar? It's great to have inquisitive kids, but those two words must pass our younglings lips more than any other.

The Family Screen Time Pact


We get constant feedback from parents about how beneficial the screen time app has been to their children and family as a whole. These compliments often come with: “After the initial arguments”.

So we are here to help. We have developed a fun way to help you, the parent, introduce Screen Time to the family. It comes in the form of ‘Our Family Screen Time Pact’ – a simple contract between parent and child on the use of mobile devices to help your children understand that small but complicated word – Why?

But be warned, it’s a two way street, what you ask your kids to do, you too need to adhere to.

It’s designed to be printed and stuck to the fridge, this way it will stay present as a reminder to all. We’ll leave the penalty for breaking the pact up to you… and your kids!

Download the Family Screen Time Pact

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  • Andrés Maccio

    Please make a copy in Spanish!

    • Oli

      Hey Andrés, we already have Screen Time translated into Spanish. On your child’s device the translation should happen automatically, on your device you will need to change the language settings by following these steps.

      • Andrés Maccio

        I’m talking about the Family Screen Time Pact sign

        • Oli

          Ah right, yeah that’s on our list of things to do. I’ll be in touch when it’s translated.

          • Alexander Shopov

            I would recommendi making this a template so parents can print
            their own. As you have already done – there is a place for additional