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How to Help Your Kids Combat Summer Boredom (And Preserve Your Sanity)

by Screen Time Team on 27/07/2017
Parental control software

Kids shouldn’t need screens to have fun.

Leave Time Free

The first impulse for many parents is to book up the kids completely — and some camps, classes, or other intellectually engaging ideas are a good thing. But they shouldn’t have a nine-to-five schedule. Kids need unstructured time to learn how to entertain themselves, engage with the world on their own terms, and just have some fun. Kids need a break from schedules too, and a little time to explore the neighborhood, wander the woods, and find out about the world is a great thing.

Pick Activities Wisely

That doesn’t mean structured time is the enemy for happy kids. Kids can get a lot out of structured activities like camp, classes, intramural sports and more. Just don’t make the mistake of picking activities that fit your schedule, instead of theirs. Talk to your kids about what they want to try, why they want to try it, and what they’re hoping to get out of it. Ideally, their activities let them pursue their interests or something they want to learn or get more out of. But don’t hesitate to let them try new things; that’s what summer is for.

Stick To Your Rules

Summer is classically the time kids goof off. But that doesn’t mean your rules about TV time, texting, and video games need to go out the window with them. If you’ve established screen time rules during the school year, it might be tempting to loosen them up a little bit, but resist the urge. Kids need consistency in rules, all year round, and just because they have free time and no desire to fill it doesn’t mean they should spend all their time on screens.

Parental control software

A walk in the woods should be part of any summer.

Plan Activities Yourself

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t plan out your own fun family time, and summer is the ideal time to pull out all those family projects and other ideas you’ve been meaning to try. Really, what you can do is limitless, and it all depends on what your family would enjoy. Building a treehouse, running a book club, having a family movie night — there’s a kaleidoscope of things you can do. And, of course, don’t hesitate to ask your kids if there are projects they want to try.

Get Help Around The House

There’s no more effective way to keep kids from bothering you with how bored they are like giving them a task around the house. Obviously, you shouldn’t expect them to be a maid service, but if you’ve got something the kids can do, and they’re asking for something to do, involve them. It’s a good way to start teaching adult skills and take a tiny task off your plate. Have them help you cook dinner, take care of laundry, or other tasks.

Kids, every parent quickly learns, are easily bored. But with a little planning, a little flexibility, and some ideas of your own, it’ll be the best summer ever. Need to get kids off their screens this summer? Learn more about how Screen Time can help.

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