How to manage your kids screen time in the ‘Smart Tech’ age

by Screen Time Team on 29/11/2017

For tech savvy parents who want the best in advanced systems for their homes, smart technology has become the way to go. From smart, internet-based televisions, thermostats, baby monitors, and other voice controlled devices, there are innumerable benefits associated with integrating smart technology within today’s modern living spaces.

Not only are devices connected to one another, but homeowners can now save time by monitoring their homes remotely, and build much needed flexibility into their often hectic schedules, all through the click of a button.

Today, the entire family can benefit from homes that are equipped with smart technology. This is especially true for children of all ages who regularly rely on smart toys and other devices for both learning and entertainment. However, with the presence of such technology comes the need for parents to effectively monitor just how much time their children are spending on such devices. Pediatricians suggest limiting screen time when it comes to technology and not without good measure. Too much tech time has been proven to reduce the amount of physical activity children participate in, it can limit their social skills and it can even hamper their cognitive development. These are detriments that can all be avoided with the right household guidelines on when technology should and should not be used.

Parents can take many proactive measures when it comes to setting healthy limits on their children’s use of technology. For instance, parents can set time limits on screen time. They can also establish parental controls on individual devices that place limits on what children have access to while also monitoring their children’s digital behaviors. When determining what is appropriate for the child consider their age, maturity level, and the unique needs of the entire household. In the end, parents can put safe measures into place that are beneficial to their children’s well-being while still incorporating some of the latest and most pioneering advances in technology within their homes. The following is a great infographic that we’ve put together that further explains some of the common ways children use smart technology and how you as a parent can help to monitor your child’s tech usage.

Scott Reddler is an active software developer, water sports fan, and a loving and enthusiastic father of three. He uses his knowledge of new technology to understand how social media and apps are changing the parenting landscape. He enjoys taking his children out for boat rides and exploring his lovely state of Florida. Twitter: @Scottreddler




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