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Monitor Your Kids with Cell Phone Tracking

by Screen Time Team on 12/08/2019

Today, the average child receives their first cellphone when they are 10 years old. If you aren’t monitoring your child’s cell phone usage, you could be leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks and other unwanted activity.

Nowadays, most cell phone providers give customers the option to set certain permissions on their mobile devices. But, harmful information could still make its way into your children’s phones.

Cell phone surveillance might seem extreme, but it sounds scarier than it actually is. Cell phone tracking allows you to keep your children safe without being too intrusive or invading their privacy.

Parental control software is a secure way to protect your kids from digital assailants, inappropriate websites, age-sensitive information, or other online risks.

Cell Phone Tracking

How does it work?

Cell phone tracking software is affordable, convenient, and easy to install.

You simply choose the subscription package that fits your needs. Then, you can get started in a few minutes just by downloading a mobile app.

With parental monitoring software, you can discreetly and automatically oversee and control your kids’ online activity.

Cell phone tracking eliminates your need to worry about what websites your kids are visiting, who they’re communicating with, or how long they’re spending online.

Use monitoring software to establish, and enforce, boundaries without the hassle.

Cell Phone Tracking

How can you use monitoring software?

Parental control software is more than a security platform. It can also help you with regulating screen time, homework completion, and even content monitoring.

If you’re planning on getting your child a mobile device but you aren’t sure if they’re ready, monitoring software can help create a smoother transition.

Ensure that your children use their devices appropriately and responsibly. Control how much time they spend online with duration limits and web history monitoring.

Cell phone tracking software can be a lifesaver for busy families.

Remotely set and track your childrens’ schedules, including outstanding tasks such as homework or chores.

If you need your kids to get off of their devices immediately, you can also pause their usage with just a tap of your own screen.

If you need to grab their attention in a pinch, you can also suspend or restart your settings at any time.

Is it Invasive?

One of the primary reasons why parental cell phone tracking is controversial is the potential impact it could have on your children.

While most kids would likely prefer to have free use of their devices, they might not be aware of the risks they could face. 

Allowing your children to use the web without limits could unknowingly expose them to viruses, malicious attackers, and illegal content. 

By utilizing a cell phone monitoring program, you’re adding an extra layer of defense. You also have more control over what your kids watch, read, or share.

Being transparent about your reasons for using cell phone monitoring software can help your kids understand why it’s important. The last thing you want is for your kids to assume that you are using the program just to spy on them.

Giving your kids a cell phone that’s equipped with monitoring software will help them establish healthy guidelines from the very beginning

Kids won’t have to be concerned about dangerous websites that they won’t be able to access.

And, they will be used to the fact that their online actions could be viewed by their parents at any time. This will discourage negative behaviors, while giving everyone in the family peace of mind.

Privacy is crucial, but that goes both ways. Keep your kids’ sensitive information in the right hands could save them from identity theft, online attacks, and other dangers.

Cell Phone Tracking

How can cell phone use affect your kids?

Your kids might use their cell phones for entertainment and communication, but there are other factors to consider.

Prolonged screen time could affect your children’s other tasks, such as school work and extracurricular activities.

Regulating mobile device usage can help your children adhere to their schedule without negatively impacting their day to day lives.

When used properly, your kids have a pocket-sized tool that lets them access unlimited information.

Mobile devices are useful for learning research, planning, problem solving, and other skills that are key to your kids’ development.

However, intentionally or unintentionally, your children could use those same tools to access the more dangerous parts of the internet.

Even something as seemingly insignificant as allowing an app use of the phone’s photo album, or saving payment information after a purchase, could put everyone at risk. 

As parents, it’s difficult to see everything that passes through your children’s screens. 

Rather than take a chance on your kids’ online activity, build a secure and practical barrier with cell phone tracking.

Cyber bullying, inappropriate content, and malware-ridden websites have the potential to cause lasting damage. Reduce the risk that your child will be affected by using monitoring software for their devices.

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