NEW FEATURE: New log in page

by Screen Time Team on 23/02/2016

When started developing Screen Time for my 3 kids, I needed a simple solution for logging in to Screen TIme for parents. One that didn’t take months of work to develop and allowed me to concentrate more on creating features that parents (and I) needed. In the end I decided that using Google log in would be best as most people have a Google account these days.

Over time we’ve added the option to log in with Facebook, but we’ve always wanted Screen Time be accessible to anyone that wants to use it and not be restricted by having a Facebook or Google account.

Screen Time for everyone

We’ve been hard at work in the Screen Time Lab to cook up our own login system, the aim being to allow anyone with an email address to create an account and start managing their kids Screen Time.

So now when you come to create an account you’ll see a screen like this:

New sign up page

You can still use Facebook or Google to create an account, if you want to make things easy on yourself and not have to remember another password. But now there is a short form to create an account directly with Screen Time.

If you choose this option then you’ll get emailed a verification link that you’ll need to click in order to confirm that you own that email address and then you’ll be able to log into the Screen Time for parents with your username and password.

Verification email

If you ever forget your password, as long as you can remember what email address you signed up with you can recover it using the Lost your password? link in the bottom left hand corner of the Log in screen.

reset password

As well as the new option to sign in with your own email we’ve also been working on making this new Log in page more robust and able to give clear errors if there are any problems getting you logged in or signed up.

If you already have a Screen Time account and want to add an email address in there that isn’t either Google or Facebook then check out this FAQ to see the steps you need to go through.


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  • Crystal Jacobs - 07/10/2018 reply

    I can’t log-in threw my Google has been fine but now won’t allow me too

    Screen Time Labs - 09/10/2018 reply

    Hi Crystal, we had some issues with our server but it’s all been solved now. Does the app work for you now? If not, please get in touch with [email protected] so we can help you log in!

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