It’s the all new Screen Time Labs kids vs. parents challenge!

by Screen Time Team on 24/05/2016


However, with holiday time comes the inevitability that kids will play more on their smartphones and tablets – more hours free = more online playtime! What’s more, if parents are off work, their recreational use of mobile tech also increases; how many absent conversations have been had as Mum checks FaceBook, and the refrain of ‘In a minute’ from Dads as they watch Ebay auctions is commonplace throughout households.

Half term challenge

So here at Screen Time Labs, we decided to make this a fun holiday involving all the family with our new kids vs. parents holiday challenge. We’re asking our families to set a daily screen time allowance (say between 1 and 4 hours) of recreational use for everyone in the family, parents included, to see who copes with it best.

We’re looking for fun written, photographed or filmed diaries of who is the moodiest, who comes up with the best recreational ideas, what arguments transpire, who has the best time, how families have learnt to use their screen time wisely and what they experienced during holiday time.

The best ones will be published on our blog, Twitter and Facebook channels.  If you are yet to subscribe to our app, why not signup to a free trial and take part in our challenge?

Founder, Steve Vangasse, and his family are up first for the challenge. See if you can do better!

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