How the School Time App Blocker can work for you

by Screen Time Team on 21/09/2017


According to recent reports*, kids are spending on average 20 hours per week online.  

That’s equivalent to 86 full days of of solid, non-stop screen-staring per year!

We parents can manage the time our offspring spend online when we’re in their company, be it via a parental control app like Screen Time, or by, let’s be honest, shouting/nagging/threats/hiding their devices/hitting own head against wall (delete as appropriate).

But when the kids are free from our watchful eye at school, how can we be sure that they are learning and not fiddling with their phones?  

After all, whether you’re a kid or an adult, we all know how enticing a phone notification is, be it a text, a Whatsapp message, a Facebook ‘like’, a news report…the list goes on. Then there’s the time-sucking nature of our personal online routines – a quick check of our emails can quickly turn into an hour long phone-a-thon with nothing useful achieved at the end of it.

Us adults are big enough and responsible enough to manage our own screen time limits. Our kids however, need a helping hand.

Which is where the School Time App Blocker steps in.

What is it?

It’s a feature that allows parents to set up a blocked period of time where apps on their child’s device are blocked. So when said child is sat feeling lost in their science class, quietly cranking up Minecraft is no longer an option. So they might instead choose to pay attention to the teacher.

If you choose to block the apps during their break times, they might consider instead socialising face to face with their peers, a skill less practised by kids these days thanks to constant access to social media apps.

Sounds awesome! What else can I do with it?

Some parents like to set up a blocked period after school too which means that kids can concentrate on their homework without phone distractions.

You could even use the app blocker to block out some time before school as well. This would not only make it easier for you to have a conversation with your kids before you all go your separate ways, but it could mean you get out of the door on time without needing to prise child from device.

So there you have it: peace of mind that your kids aren’t being distracted by their mobile devices when at school. And when they get better grades as a result, you could reward them with some bonus screen time.

Then everyone is happy 🙂

* Source


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