8 ways to get your kids off the couch during The Big Game

by Screen Time Team on 02/02/2017


That’s a lot of time spent on the couch. And with 22 people (or 23 if you include Lady Gaga) running around and working up a sweat on said screen, there’s some inspiration right there to follow suit and burn off some energy.

Or at least the kids can while you eat chips and point.

We’re not about to suggest switching off the TV during such a momentous occasion. There’s no need for such extremes when there are commercial breaks to be taken advantage of.

In the time it takes to see various individuals joyfully glug a fizzy drink, an 11 year old could do 20 push ups. Or master the art of ‘Ball Spinning On The Finger’. Or jump up and down on the spot if they’re a bit younger.

In doing so, the child in question will burn off energy, increase levels of happy hormone, Serotonin, and decrease chance of door slamming. At the same time, the parent can be relieved of any guilt they may have experienced in relation to 4 hour TV-athon. Everyone’s a winner.

As an incentive, perhaps the kids could be rewarded with some cheeky Bonus Time on their device using our app

We here at Screen Time HQ like to practice what we preach. So, in the name of helping others achieve that online/offline balance, we bring you our very own…Screen Time Commercial Break Challenge!

Watch as Screen Time team members, Polly, Anna, Nick and Neil demonstrate their ball skills attempts, push ups and ‘going up and down stairs’ techniques, all in the comfort of our Bristol office.

(Please be assured that no one was harmed during the making of this video. Apart from maybe Neil, during the Push Up Challenge. Sorry Neil).

Disclaimer: Take care doing these exercises. We are Developers/Designers/Customer Supporters. We are definitely not Chuck Norris.

The Screen Time Commercial Break Challenge


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