On phones with the Android User profiles features available (Android 4.1 and higher), you can set up multiple user profiles if there are family members sharing one device.

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  • LukeInDC - 03/04/2016

    I have a problem with multiple profiles on phones. My kids actually used this feature to bypass screen time entirely. On a phone they just create a new user and because it isn’t restricted like a tablet, they can install apps to their hearts content. All they need is an email address. Is there some way for you to either notify when a new profile is created or prevent a new profile from being created? This if for an android phone with the the latest OS not a tablet.

    Oli - 04/04/2016

    Hey Luke, if you set up the phone as in the video above then this should prevent kids from creating a new profile. They may still be able to access the guest profile but we can help you prevent them getting access to that as well, if that is a problem (it can depend on the type of phone you’re kids are using) can you contact our support team using [email protected]

  • Dionissis Samouridis - 06/09/2015

    My kids share a tablet, so I have created two accounts. I installed screen time in each account and setup the daily limit for each kid. My problem is that the apps the kids use counts for the daily limit of the other child, so the total time the tablet is used counts against each child’s limit. How can I correct this? Thank you in advance.

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 07/09/2015

    Hi Dionissis, I’ve sent you an email to try and help fix this. But because user profiles don’t work the same way on all tablets, it can depend on the manufacturer, it can be hard to guarantee that it will work on every device.

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