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Can I make a one time payment for Screen Time?

Sorry you can only pay for Screen Time with either a monthly, 6 monthly or yearly subscription. We understand that the subscription style payment isn’t going to be for everyone but we decided on it because we think it allows us to provide the best service to our customers where we can continually develop new features, provide general updates and fix bugs.

Obviously we’d love for any person that wants to use the app to be able to, but we believe strongly that a subscription service is best and I’m sorry we don’t think we’ll be changing to a one time payment in the near future.

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  • Harry Pearce - 22/06/2016

    £30 per year is remarkably expensive for a single app. £60 per year gets you a whole Office 365 suite, including a 1tb of storage. You are having a laugh of you think that your offering, good though it is, is worth so much.

    Oli - 23/06/2016

    Sorry to hear that Harry, there are plenty of parents that are happy with the price of Screen Time and we try to make it a price that they can afford, however we realise that it won’t be to everyone’s liking. Microsoft are a huge company that could also afford to give away their latest OS for free, Screen Time is growing but not quite able to compete with those guys just yet when it comes to pricing and economies of scale 🙂

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