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What are the Web Filtering categories?

In the Web Filtering feature, you can choose to block your child’s access to web pages and websites based on what category that web page is. For example, you can block access to all web pages that promoting or selling alcohol and drugs.

Below are a list of categories that you can choose from and an explanation of each. You can see an explanation of each category at any time by tapping the category name in the Screen Time parent’s app.

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Alcohol and Drugs (restricted by default)
This category includes sites legally promoting or selling alcohol products and sites promoting, manufacturing or selling both legal and illegal drugs.

Ads (allowed by default)
This category includes advertisements and pop-up ads found online, including ad servers and affiliated advertising programs.

Anonymous Proxies (restricted by default)
This category restricts the use of proxies. Anonymous proxies are tools that attempt to make activity on the Internet untraceable. They can be used to access restricted content on the Internet.


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Botnets (restricted by default)
Includes botnets, a series of Internet-connected devices running one or more bots. Botnets can be used to perform distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack), steal data and send spam.


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Classified (allowed by default)
This category includes classified and auctions sites that feature on-line promotion or sale of general goods and services between individuals.

Cooking (allowed by default)
This category includes cooking, food and eating related sites. Sites related to restaurants, dining, food reviews and recipes are part of the cooking category as well.

Cult and Occult (restricted by default)
Sites that promote or offer methods, instructions, and resources to try affecting or influencing real life and events through the use of curses, spells, magic powers or supernatural beings.


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Entertainment (allowed by default)
This category includes sites that provide information about or promote music, radio, TV, movies and films. Sites that allow the streaming or downloading of MP3 and other multimedia files are also included.


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Gambling (restricted by default)
Sites that allow to entertain gambling activities such as betting, lotteries and casinos, including gaming information, instruction, and statistics.

Games (allowed by default)
This category includes game media and game playing on the Internet. Some examples of online games are real-time strategy games, multiplayer games, multiplayer role-playing games.


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Hacking (restricted by default)
This category includes sites that provide infromation and access to illegal or questionable software, computers, equipment and websites in order to compromise networks and systems.

Hunting (allowed by default)
Sites containing hunting and fishing tips, instructions, sale of related equipment and accessories. This category includes hunting related clubs, organizations and groups.


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Illegal Activities (restricted by default)


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Kids and Teens (allowed by default)
This category includes sites which have content specifically tailored for kids and teens, such as educational and homework websites, fun sites, games for kids, teen tv programs, etc.


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Lifestyle (allowed by default)
This category includes sites related to fashion, style and online shopping – online merchants, department stores websites and retail stores are all included in the category.

Link Farms (restricted by default)
A link farm is any group of sites created through automated programs and services that all hyperlink to every other site in the group. A link farm is a form of spamming the index of a web search engine.


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Mature Content (restricted by default)


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Politics (allowed by default)

Pornography (restricted by default)
Mature content sites (18+ years and over) which present or display sexually explicity material and acts with the purpose of sexually arousing and exciting.


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Religion (allowed by default)
Sites that promote and provide information on various religions and religious subjects, religion related activities and events. This category does not include sites containing cult and occult beliefs.


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Sports (allowed by default)
This category includes sites that feature all types of sports and sports events, plus clubs, organisations and groups focused on sports. Does not include hunting or fishing related sites.


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Unreachable Sites (restricted by default)
This category includes unreachable and dead sites, plus all sites that redirected to other potentially harmful sites.


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Violence (restricted by default)
This category includes sites related to violence, hate speech and discrimination, suicide promotion, offensive material on death, brutality, intolerance and explicit acts of violence and abuse.

Vulgarities (restricted by default)
Sites that contain defamatory, offensive, hateful, profane and vulgar language, general swearing or language that could be seen as abuse or harassment.


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Weapons (restricted by default)
Sites that legally sell, review or promote weapons such as knives, guns, explosives or provide information on how to use or modify them.


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