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Will Screen Time work on my kid’s device?

What versions of Android can I install Screen Time on?

At the moment you can only install Screen Time on Android version 4.x and higher. If you’re not sure what version of Android you’re running then open Android Settings and scroll down and press About Phone.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

We have released a version of Screen Time for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod), it will work on any device that has iOS 9 or later on it. Not sure what version of iOS you’re running? Then check out Apple’s help page by clicking here.

Kindle Fire

We have a version of Screen Time that works on Kindle Fire but we’re waiting for Amazon to approve the app. Screen Time will not work on the very first generation of Kindle Fire, check out this page to identify what generation you have.

In the meantime you can install Screen Time manually on the Kindle using the link below:


Windows Phone/PC/Xbox

There isn’t a version of Screen Time for Windows Phones, Windows Desktops or Xbox. In the future we hope that Screen Time can help with all of these devices, so if you want an update on that just send an email to [email protected].


Sorry! We don’t have a version of Screen Time for Chromebooks yet. Hopefully in the future………….

Barnes & Noble Nook

There isn’t a way to install Screen Time on Nook devices at the moment as you can only install the app through the Google Play Store.

Xiaomi Devices

At the moment there seems to be a problem with getting Screen Time to run properly on these devices. Even though you can install the app and it runs, it looks like there is something in these devices shutting down the app or stopping it from running in the background.

Meizu Devices

Screen Time doesn’t work on Meizu devices because of their inbuilt security features.

Wiko Devices

Screen Time doesn’t work on Wiko devices because of their inbuilt security features.

Oppo Devices

Screen Time doesn’t work on Oppo devices because of their inbuilt security features.


We don’t have a version of Screen Time for Playstations at the moment.

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Join the conversation
  • Daniel Arthur - 09/01/2016

    So I install everything like it says to but I get to the download companion app and it will it download on my kids tablet. Please help!!!

    Yeah I changed setting like it said to and everything even restored tablet to factory

    Oli - 11/01/2016

    Hi Daniel, can you try installing the app using the instructions on the page below instead please?


    If that doesn’t work please contact our support team through our contact page.

  • Michael - 02/01/2016

    Just for information – ScreenTime can be installed on Nook HD, as it has Google Play Market out of the box. There is a slightly different problem though – B&N does not allow installation from unknown sources, there is no way to enable it in settings. What I had to do was manually download the companion app and install it through adb. Other than that everything works fine.

    Oli - 04/01/2016

    Thanks Michael. Yeah we know that the app can be installed on there but it’s difficult to do especially if you’re not familiar with ADB. Hopefully we can get hold of a Nook and create a walk through guide for people at some point.

    Claire - 25/05/2016

    I’m considering buying Nook HD’s for my kids and I really want them to have this app. Is it really hard to install? I have no idea what adb is. Thanks!

    Oli - 26/05/2016

    Hey Claire, you should be able to install the version of Screen Time from Google Play on Nook devices easily. However that version doesn’t have a password protected uninstall, so kid’s can uninstall it if they look into it. We have a version of Screen Time that you can install that is does have a password protected uninstall, but that version is really difficult to install on Nook I’m afraid.

    Claire - 26/05/2016

    Thanks Oli! My kids can’t read yet so I should be ok with the easy version!

    Oli - 26/05/2016

    Ok great, I would just confirm with whoever you’re purchasing the Nook from that it can access the Google Play Store. I’m pretty sure that all Nook devices can, but would be best to make sure before purchasing. As long as it can access the Google Play Store then you’ll be able to install Screen Time nice and easy 🙂

  • Jchon Paradise - 26/12/2015

    Here we are, Chriatmas day… I have 3 Kindle Fires for 3 young boys and really want to sign up for ScreenTime. How are we looking for the Kindle Fire version?

    Oli - 26/12/2015

    Hey there, can you get in touch with our support team and we should be able to get you a version of Screen Time for Kindle that you can install manually. Still waiting for Amazon to approve the app for the store, it’s in the final stages, but taking forever 🙁

  • Marcia Young West - 16/11/2015

    Has the Kindle version of this app come out yet? I see the last response said maybe September. I am wanting to get my child a kindle for Christmas, but won’t if I can’t have this app on it. I love it on our other android tablet and just can’t see not having it. Please put me on whatever list to be informed when it comes out or if it is out already, do I just go to the Amazon app store to get it?


    Oli - 17/11/2015

    Hey Marcia, we’re planning to have the Kindle version ready for Christmas. But that’s still not a definite date and we’re also working on the iOS version of Screen Time so it might be that this version takes priority and the Kindle version gets put back to earlier next year.

    I’m really sorry I’m being rubbish and can’t give you a more definite date, but you can either subscribe to our blog to get an update or send a message to our support team and we’ll get in touch with you directly.

  • Jono - 03/08/2015

    Hey Oliver,

    I’m most eager to put Screen Time on our 8-year old’s Kindle Fire HDX. It appears that the version of ST that’s available at Amazon via the above link is not compatible with his Kindle. Is that correct? If so, when you do a formal release will it be compatible?

    Is there anything we, your customers, can do to encourage Amazon’s cooperation? Write to someone, perhaps? Tell them that FreeTime doesn’t cut it? I’ll be more than happy to tell them that we’re hesitating on purchasing other Kindle HDXs until ST is available for them.

    Also, do I understand from the pricing on ST Premium that when we subscribe it’ll cover all tablets, phones and laptops in our home that our son might use – including the Kindle, when the apps available?

    Thanks for the important product you’ve created.

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 03/08/2015

    Hi Jono, Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry about the information on this page not being up-to-date. The version up on Amazon at the moment doesn’t work on the Kindle, however we are still working on creating a version of Kindle that will work, we’re looking at it being sometime in September at the moment but I’m afraid I can’t give a more precise ETA than that right now. If you contact us on [email protected] then we can put you on the list to hear first about the Screen Time Kindle app when it’s released.

    Although we really appreciate the offer of contacting Amazon we’re not sure what would help our cause with Amazon as we haven’t had any luck contacting them or customers contacting them on our behalf so far. But we’re not going to sit around waiting for them, now we’re planning of bypassing the Amazon store completely and so the plan is to host the app on our own servers and make it available to users through there.

    Yeah you’re right about the Premium version of Screen Time, it will cover all devices that you have that it is compatible with and you won’t have to pay any extra for adding any other devices to your account. If you want to see what devices are compatible then check out this FAQ.

  • Ian - 26/07/2015

    It’s my child’s Chromebook that Screen Time would be perfect for. Every waking minute she is on the damn thing. Please make a Chromebook app a priority.

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 26/07/2015

    Hey Ian, it’s something that’s in the works but I’m sorry I can’t give an ETA. But we’ll get in touch as soon as there’s an update 🙂

  • Marc Hudson - 09/07/2015

    What is the status on a kindle fire version?

    Is it possible to set time limits per application? I would like to allow my kids to unlimited reading using Overdrive , but limit Netflix or Plex to 2 hours.

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 10/07/2015

    Hey Marc,

    Thanks for getting in touch. At the moment we’re still working on putting the finishing touches to the Kindle version of the app. We hope that it should be ready sometime soon but I’m sorry I can’t give an ETA for it at the moment. With regards to the setting limits per application, you can set a limit for the device and then include or exclude applications in that limit. So if you set 2 hours as the limit you could include Netflix and Plex plus any other apps that you want to be blocked after the limit is reached, but you could exclude Overdrive from that limit so it can be used as much as you child wants.

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