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Do you need an internet connection?


Your children don’t need to have data on their devices to be able to use Screen Time, the settings that you set up in the lists like Daily Limit, Blocked Apps, School Time Blocker and Bedtime Blocker will be enforced regardless of whether your children’s devices has an internet connection. However there are some features of Screen Time that do need an active internet connection to work, and those are the Tasks and Play/Pause features.

If you or your child doesn’t have an internet connect when either a Task is approved or the Play/Pause feature is enabled then they won’t work.


You do need to have an internet connection for Screen Time to work on Apple devices.

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  • Rinske - 27/07/2015

    Please add an option to the app that enables parents to approve xxx hours/minutes play time directly on the child’s phone. Without internet this is not possible remotely. Very annoying when driving late in the car back home.

  • Julie - 07/07/2015

    This did not work for us. My son was in Oklahoma while I was in Texas and his phone adjusted back to School time blocker, etc. I had previously lifted for the Summer. On my end it showed I turned off the blocker, but on his end it was locked. We had him reboot and everything. I would have had to give him my password just to use his phone, but course not to. Therefore it’s was a long ride home for him.

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 08/07/2015

    Hi Julie, I’m sorry to hear that did your son’s device have an internet connection since you made the change on your remote app? If he did, then having checked our server logs, I’d suggest you update the app on your children’s devices to the latest version using the instructions on this page https://screentimelabs.com/install/

    I realise that doesn’t help with the problem that you experienced already, but hopefully it will prevent similar problems happening in the future.

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