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Netflix parental controls

Follow these step by step instructions to set up privacy settings on Netflix

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Because Netflix is a paid for app, there are some good parental controls built in. These allow you to restrict access to films and shows based on their maturity level. Once you’ve created a profile for your child then this will apply on any device they log into Netflix on.

Step by step instructions

  • Step 1

    Log into your Netflix account then click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the page to see the menu. Then click on Account.

    parental controls parental controls

  • Step 2

    That will take you to the Account page, from there click on Parental controls.

    parental controls

  • Step 3

    You’ll be asked to enter your password to set it up.

  • Step 4

    Then you’ll need to create a 4 digit PIN, which will be needed if these settings ever need to be changed in the future. This is a good way to prevent kids from getting access to the settings and changing them.

    parental controls parental controls

  • Step 5

    You can also use the slider to choose the age of your kids, which means they will only have access to the content of this maturity level. If they try to open a video on your profile that’s not suitable for them, they will need the PIN code before they can watch.

    parental controls

  • Step 6

    Go back to the Netflix home screen and tap on your profile picture again and select Manage Profiles on the menu there.

    parental controls

  • Step 7

    Then select the profile that you want to apply the settings to.

    parental controls

  • Step 8

    On that page choose the maturity settings for your child’s profile.

    parental controls