parental controls

YouTube parental controls

Follow these step by step instructions to set up privacy settings on YouTube

Watch an introduction to YouTube

Youtube doesn’t have great parental controls at the moment, however we’ve heard that there will be big improvements later in 2018. For now, you can turn on Restricted Mode which filters explicit and adult content. It also turns off comments.

NOTE: A lot of the content on Youtube isn’t from trusted sources, even if you see a Peppa pig video, you need to check who made that video because it might not be the original creators of Peppa Pig. That means that the video could have been changed from the original.

Step by step instructions

  • Step 1

    Open through a web browser and Sign in with your child’s Google account. If you’re doing this on your child’s device then they should already be logged in.

  • Step 2

    Once you’re logged in click on the profile picture in the top right of the page to see the menu.

    parental controls
    parental controls

  • Step 3

    At the bottom of that menu tap on Restricted Mode: Off.

    parental controls

  • Step 4

    Then tap on the switch to turn Restricted Mode on.

    parental controls