Feeling Olympian? Take part in our Back Yard Olympics

by Screen Time Team on 04/08/2016

Our soon-to-be-released infographic shows you how to put together your very own Olympic itinerary, using everyday items, healthy competition and a dash of imagination. You can create your own high jump using garden canes, take to the track with the ‘carrot’ relay or throw a potato as far as you can in the shot put. Why not use the kids NERF guns for shooting targets or practice your sprint starts from the chalked up starting line? There’s many ‘sports’ you can do as our infographic shows.

We strongly believe in the inspiring potential of watching games like the Olympics, and nowadays, we’re lucky enough to be able to stream all the action from Rio right into our devices. Our Backyard Olympics are designed to go hand in hand with screen time – after watching your family favourites, you can use the inspiration from the amazing athletes to do your own thing – be the next Michael Phelps, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Gabby Douglas, Christian Taylor or Mo Farah.

During the summer months, it’s important to get up and about, but it’s also nice to have some down time. By combining Screen Time Labs with Backyard Olympics, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds for you and your kids.

So, switch on, switch off and join in and see who is the Usain Bolt of your family!

Join in the conversation over on Twitter with the hashtag #backyardolympics – don’t forget to share your photos and your winners!


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