Switch on, switch off and join in with the Backyard Olympics this summer  

by Screen Time Team on 08/08/2016

The Olympics are in full swing, and they offer a great opportunity to get kids inspired to explore sports of all kinds. With coverage online throughout the games, there’s a huge supply of content of sportsmen and women excelling in their fields and proving how exciting getting out and about can be.

We’ve got the perfect way to get your family involved with the Olympics, even if you’re a plane ride away from Rio. Our Backyard Olympics infographic has got everything you need to hold your very own games in your garden. Bring out the best in everyone in your family by holding a range of events using household items – from potatoes to paddling pools.

We’re encouraging families to work together to devise their own unique games, using things from around the house, plus lots of imagination and enthusiasm. The Backyard Olympics is designed to go hand in hand with an inspiring dose of screen time, so gather round to watch your favourite athletes, and draw on the inspiration of the incredible sports men and women in your own games.

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