From the horse’s mouth: Parents are no longer the enemy!

by Screen Time Team on 27/04/2016
  • Screen Time Labs release new film about their parental control app
  • Parents ‘no longer the enemy’ when it comes to monitoring kids screen time
  • Pause button a favourite feature

Straight from the production room comes a timely short film from parents who use the Screen Time app. Describing many familiar situations before screen time was controlled of petty arguments, a daily battle field over usage, tablets being the focal point of the day, the parents convey a shared sense of despair and frustration that is common place at home when it comes to mobile technology use by children.

With the discovery of the Screen Time parental control app, parents are no longer the enemy as it takes away the ‘daily battle’ of encouraging their kids to put down their tablet or smart phone and do something else instead.  On the film, Mums and Dads talk about their relief of regaining control via responsive and passive route, the joy of the pause button and, for some, their delight of a new-found eagerness for chores in return for screen time rewards.

Talking about the film, founder Steve Vangasse said:

“We have been told many stories by our customers about how our app has changed family life for the better and we wanted to capture these on film.  Our short video allows parents across the globe hear how arguments in the family home over screen time can be readily resolved with our parental control app.  What’s more, as testified in the film, for some we’ve been able to generate enthusiasm for household chores and helped kids get active.”

The film is released at a time when there is increasing concern both in UK and US about rising levels of obesity in children and poor behaviour which some experts believe is, in part, due to the amount of time kids spend on screens. The ‘Getting Kids Moving’ report from Leeds Beckett University states that one in five parents don’t put any limits on their children’s screen time which, the report suggests, is having an impact on how active kids are.

How could Screen Time help your family?

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