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6. Block on demand or let them play for longer

Instant pause

For when you just need your kids to put down their devices right this second. Send a Pause and all of their apps will be blocked. To pause a child’s device all you need to do is tap the child’s picture at the top of the parent’s app.

Then their picture will change to show you that the Pause is enabled, and you can tap the picture and play button again to unpause the device.

Free Play Mode

Are you going on a road trip, is there day off school, or do you just need 30 mins peace and quiet? You can use Free Play Mode to override all the limits on their devices and they can play.

  1. At the bottom of the parent’s app you’ll see a Free play mode button, tap on that to get started.
  2. Add a message for you kids to see, this message will pop up on their device this telling them why they are getting the Free play time.
  3. If you have more that one child, choose which ones you want to have the Free play time. All of the pictures with tick marks will get the Free play time.
  4. Choose how much time you want to give them by tapping one of the buttons, or enter a custom time below. 
  5. Lastly tap the Start Free Play button.
  6. The Free play time will start straight away on your kid’s devices. If you want to cancel it then just tap the red Cancel current free play button at the bottom of the app.
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