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Does an approved Task show up for all parents on an account?

Yes, other parents that are added to your Screen Time account can approve tasks and see almost everything that the first parent can see and do. The only thing that is different is that the first parent can add or remove parents from the account.

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  • renejakl - 13/04/2016

    I have disabled the email notifications, including the pending task approvals requests from kids, but would like the app itself (Android version) to keep notify me immediately when such a request was made. The app currently doesn’t do it, so I only find out about the pending requests when I actively check for them (maybe days later). Did I miss some settings somewhere, or can you please jewel me fixing this?

    Oli - 14/04/2016

    Hi there, I think the settings that you’re looking for are in Android. Can you try going to Android Settings >> Sound & Notification >> Screen Time and make sure that it’s not blocked and that peeking is enabled?

    renejakl - 14/04/2016

    Hi Oli,
    that was the first thing I suspected and checked, but this setting is enabled. Actually even after I open the app and check for the pending requests for completed task approvals, it sometimes doesn’t show me the pending requests until I also use the refresh option in the app’s menu. (I use Android 4.4.4 on Sony Z3 Compact).

    Oli - 14/04/2016

    That’s weird, would you be able to contact our support team so we can look into this in more detail please? You can email them using [email protected]

    renejakl - 17/04/2016

    It somehow started working again, without any changes of the app/phone settings. If the problem returns, I will contact the support team.

    Oli - 18/04/2016

    Ok thanks for letting me know. that’s weird though. If you do see it happening again let me know.

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