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Can I set up weekly Tasks for specific days?

Sorry, not at the moment. You can only set tasks to be completed either daily, weekly or monthly. But you can’t choose which days of the week the tasks need to be completed.

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  • Kathryn Miller - 30/06/2016

    How do I edit the list of tasks that the kids have available? Is there a feature for a photo attachment? For example; I know the bathroom needs to be cleaned can they attach a photo of the cleaned bathroom for approval?

    Oli - 01/07/2016

    Hi Kathryn, check out the video on this page to see how to set up new Tasks, setting up a new Task stats about 1 min 7 seconds into the video.

    If you child has an Android device then they can attach a photo along with the completed Task, they should be able to see that option when completing a Task on their devices. Attaching a photo isn’t possible on the Apple version of Screen Time yet though.

  • Marci Gaona - 29/03/2016

    Would love to be able to pick which days a task can be done. Like unloading the dishwasher every other day. Preferably after the days we run it. 🙂

  • Mehmet Yufka - 18/02/2016

    Last three times of the contact help Center they couldn’t answer this ?
    Now I understand it is not possible to create task for specific days. But it has to be. I m using the application for a while I’m not fully satisfied but it is good. I think I will buy the app but I need more support. Thanks

    Oli - 19/02/2016

    I’m sorry about that Mehmet, I’ve seen the conversation that you had with our team and I’ve made sure they know that it’s not possible to create Tasks for specific days of the week.

  • Claire - 29/08/2015

    Being able to select the days of the week would be extremely helpful. Perhaps in an update? Thank you!

  • Neil Summers - 22/07/2015

    Yes this would be especially useful for tasks like packing your school bag etc. that aren’t valid on weekends.

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 22/07/2015

    Totally! There are going to be some tasks that are only really applicable to weekdays because of the general routine and schedule, but with changes like this we always have to weigh up the advantages next to the added complexity that it would bring to the set up.

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