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Why do my kid’s apps keep disappearing?

When your child’s Apple device is blocked apps will be removed from the screen, they will be replaced after the blocked period has finished.

 Are your child’s apps and internet blocked on their device even though there shouldn’t be any of Screen Time features blocking the device at the moment?

This is Screen Time protecting itself. Our app needs to be running in the background so that it can track usage, so if the app is closed down by swiping it away from the running apps list then Screen Time will block the device until it’s restarted.

Check out the video to see it in action.

Sometimes kids swipe away apps to save battery, it would be best if they didn’t do this with Screen Time because they will be blocked each time they do.

After an Apple device is blocked the child’s apps can come back in a different order, this is a problem with Apple’s operating system, but we’ve a way to stop this happening, read this page to find out more.
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  • Angela - 20/06/2016

    the VPN button keeps turning off when the iPad is turned off (restarted) so we have to turn it (the VPS slide button) on manually. Is that normal?

    Oli - 20/06/2016

    Hi Angela, the VPN will turn itself on and off as it’s needed by Screen Time. You shouldn’t have to touch the VPN button at all, is it causing a problems? Is Screen Time blocking the device when it shouldn’t be? If that’s the case then can you contact our support team using [email protected] please?

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