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What restrictions should I enable?

 There are some inbuilt parental controls on Apple devices that are called Restrictions. We can use some of these Restrictions to help safeguard Screen Time and prevent kids from making changes that might affect it.

Enable Restrictions

First of all you’ll need to enable Restrictions.

  1. Open Settings >> General >> Restrictions
  2. Tap Enable Restrictions
  3. Setup a passcode to prevent kids from changing your settings.

Location Services

These services allow apps to determine the approximate location of the device. Screen Time uses this service to help track app usage.

  1. Open Settings >> Screen Time >>  Location  >> Set Always  and make sure that it’s set to Always.
  2. Then while on the Location Services page go back to the top of the page and select Don’t Allow Changes.

Background App Refresh

Allows apps to refresh with the latest information in a way that efficiently uses power without affecting the way you use your device.

  1. Check that it’s turned on by going into Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh, scroll down and make sure that Background App Refresh is enabled for Screen Time.
  2. The open Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh and choose Don’t Allow Changes.
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