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What’s the difference between “bedtime” and “lights out”?

On the Bed Blocker settings screen you can select apps that will be blocked between bedtime start and bedtime end (useful for allowing reading apps at bedtime).

All apps are blocked after Lights Out time (useful to stop your child reading all night). You can decide if you want to turn on Lights Out or not – if you turn the functionality on, all apps on your child’s phone will be blocked until end of bed time.

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  • tia nelson - 13/01/2016

    Here you say that all apps are blocked after lights out, so I’m assuming that the other FAQ about enabling phone calls only pertains to bedtime, and that the phone will still not work after lights out. I’m worried about the safety implications with having the phone disabled after lights out. While I definitely don’t want her chit-chatting all night, my teen is a diabetic and sometimes home alone if I have to work. How would she contact me or 911 after lights out? Additionally, she’s a kid who listens to music while sleeping… Can music apps be enabled for lights out time? Is there any way to do that and cap the volume after lights out? (By “can” I’m offering this as a suggestion; I know it’s not available right now.)

    Oli - 13/01/2016

    Sorry but the FAQ on the Lights Out needs up dating. Now, because of emergency calls, we don’t block the phone app in the Lights Out feature. But I’m sorry we can’t enable other apps in the Lights Out.

    If you don’t want to use the Lights Out feature and choose which apps you want to be allowed or blocked during Bedtime, then you can turn off Lights Out by setting it to the same time as Bedtime End.

    Thanks for the suggestion about capping the volume, but there isn’t a way to do this at the moment.

  • FearlessMountain875 - 04/12/2015

    When all apps are blocked at lights out will my children be able to call me or text me still? I work nights and sometimes still need late night contact with my kids, but still need to block them from other apps. If not, could that be an option in the future? Also could there be a feature to block my kids from calling or texting everyone but the parents?

    Super helpful app though! Thanks

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