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Do I need to account for different timezones when setting the bed blocker or schedules?

The time (bed blocker time start and end times) are the local – e.g. for bedtime, the parent will see 8pm to 7am from the remote, and the child’s device will have bedtime set to 8pm to 7am on their device, regardless of which time zone they are both in.

There is no need to manually override the time zones on the devices.

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  • Nina - 11/09/2015

    My son and I live in Central Standard Time, but he spent a month over the summer in Pacific Standard Time. After he returned we noticed that Screentime is an hour behind. For instance, he has school time until 4:30pm. At that time when he tries to use an app not available during school, it shows unavailable until 4:30pm, though the time for his tablet showing above is that or later. I’m off setting the time for now, but I wo

    Nina - 11/09/2015

    I would like to know if there’s a fix on the way.

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 14/09/2015

    Hi Nina, thanks for getting in touch. When you change timezeons you will need to reset the time in Screen Time. I’m not sure if you’ve already done this but if not can you check out points 2 and 3 on our troubleshooting page please?

  • Olaf - 08/08/2015

    Hm, time zones seem not to work correctly in the current release. Switching all devices from Berlin +2 to Athens +3 yields the kids 1 hour later bedtime, just as if I hadn’t switched anything. The Device shows the correct time, but the bedtime lockout happens 1 hour too late. The device also shows the wrong time (21:30) When I enter editing mode to try to manually change bedtimes on the kid’s device, it even shows the correct time 20:30 as it was entered. What’s worse, now my clever kid has learned that he only needs to shift the time zone to keep playing after bedtime….

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 09/08/2015

    Hi Olaf, thanks for getting in touch. Can you let me know if when the devices timezone was changed in Android the timezone was also synced within Screen Time? If you’re not sure how to do that please check out point 3 on our troubleshooting page. Also if you want to prevent your children from changing the time within Android then you can add the Android Settings app to the Screen Time blocked list.

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