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How do I change my Screen Time PIN/passcode?


Open the Screen Time app on your child’s device, open the Settings screen, then tap the “Lock” field. This opens up the Lock settings screen where you can change your PIN.

If you’re changing the PIN because you think that your kids have been able to figure it out, then check out this page for some more ideas on how to keep the password secure.


There isn’t a password for Screen Time on Apple devices, you do need to setup a passcode for the Apple device during the installation of Screen Time but this is controlled by Apple and not Screen Time.

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  • MB - 09/04/2016

    I have lost the password for my kids phone and need to change some settings. How do i go about fixing this issue?

    Oli - 11/04/2016

    Hi, can you contact our support team using the email address you signed up to Screen Time with please? You can email them using [email protected]

  • Km - 30/08/2015

    I installed screentime on my sons device. But the phone was not accessible to him at all as it kept demanding the password. He prob tried to uninstall via android settings and locked it. Am I right. The only way round this so he could use his phone again was to un-install. Any thoughts ??

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 01/09/2015

    Hey there, yeah it sounds like there was an attempted uninstall of Screen Time. You can just log into the device again using the password that was set up in Screen Time, then you can change the lock screen in the Android Settings. Check out this FAQ for more info.

  • margaret - 28/07/2015

    The videos on fa go to fast

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 29/07/2015

    Hi Margaret, I’ sorry about that. We’ll see if we can make one that is slower and easier to see what’s going on. Thanks for feedback 🙂

  • Alexandra - 19/07/2015

    I wish to change my password without having to do it on my son’s phone. I understand that the only way to change it is on his phone. As a parent, I hope your team can change this because in my situation, my son will be living in another state and I regrettably gave the password to his father trusting that he would follow limiting or blocking certain apps. However, I received an email showing that his father is allowing too much access. I wish to change the pw from my phone. I’m looking forward to the day that you guys can incorporate this new feature (if possible). By the way, I love this app! It’s helped me in so many ways. Can’t say my 12 yr old son feels the same way..lol

    Oliver Brushfield-Smith - 20/07/2015

    Hey Alexandra, we agree that would be a really useful feature however it could be quite difficult to put in place because it means changing the way that the password system works. That’s not to say that we’re not going to look into those changes but it might not be something that we get to in the short term. Also it would be quite easy to get around by just turning off internet access on the device then the password change wouldn’t be able to make it through to your child’s device.

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