How does geolocation work?

When you push the refresh button in the geolocation section on your child’s dashboard in the parent’s app, we will ping the child’s app to find out where it is at the moment.

There are a few things to remember about this feature:

  • Location is tracked for each of your child’s devices, so if your child has more than once device you can see the location of each device.
  • You can see one location at a time, which is the most current location of the device.
  • We can only find the location of your child’s device if both the child has an active internet connection.
  • If the child’s device doesn’t have an internet connection then we will show the last known location of the device before the internet connection was lost.

With our geolocation timeline functionality, you will also be able to see a complete history of your child’s locations in the last 7 days, divided by trips and single locations.

For each trip recorded, for example the walk to school, you will see a series of points (from start to finish) on the map, with time details of each point. We also record faster trips, for example car or bus trips.

For every single location recorded, for example a few hours at school or home, you will see a single point on the map with the total amount of time spent by the child in that location.

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