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What features are available in the Apple version?

Up to this point Screen Time has grown up surrounded by loving Androids. Apples platform is a very different beast. As such, Screen Time works a little differently on iPads and iPhones.

Key differences on Apple devices


Per app monitoring or blocking

Unfortunately Apple makes it impossible for us to determine which app is being used on an iPad or iPhone. As such we are unable to provide per app monitoring or blocking rules and it becomes an ALL OR NOTHING affair. Either the iPad or iPhone is in use or it isn’t. Either device usage is allowed or it is blocked.

We do still support Play/Pause, Bedtime Blocker and School Time Blocker. And we still support Daily Limit but when it is enabled then any iPad/iPhone usage will count towards the limit and when the time is up we will block all the non-system apps on the device. When the apps are blocked they will disappear. When the blocked period is over the apps will return but they will now be alphabetically ordered. This new ordering is due to a limitation with Apples mobile device management tools we are using to enforce blocking.

Web or Search history

We are unable to view web searches or web history on Apple devices and so we are unable to send that info back to you.

Email Notifications for new apps

At the moment this isn’t a feature isn’t included but it is one we could support in the future. If you’d like to see this feature please get in touch and let us know.

Apps are re-arranged

After a blocked period iOS will not put the apps back in the same place as they were before the device was blocked. So if your child has lots of folders with apps in them, then it will mess up their organisation. To prevent this please follow the steps on this page.

Having problems with Screen Time on an iPad or iPhone? Then have a look here.

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  • Kykyo Chu - 16/01/2016

    The link provided only takes me to a FAQ section. Everything is set up correctly. The Apple devices are not recording the time used on the machines. Nothing is working on the Apple Machines. What is next?

    Oli - 19/01/2016

    Sorry about that, it looks like the link I sent goes to the contact page, not sure why that’s directing you to the FAQ page. I’ve replied in your emails to our support team now so we can carry on troubleshooting it there.

  • Kykyo Chu - 10/01/2016

    I am getting messages on the apple devices that Screen time is closed, I dont recall getting that on the android device.

    Oli - 11/01/2016

    That is different to on Android, if you’re getting those messages can you contact our support team through our <a href="https://screentimelabs.com/contact/"contact page please.

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