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Is there a time limit for Instant pause?

You can’t set a time limit for Instant Pause, it will continue until you turn it off again. To turn off a Pause just tap your child’s Picture (it will have an arrow on it to show that it’s Paused).

Tap on play button on your child's picture to unpause it

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  • Hal Eagar - 17/01/2016

    wow that sounds like a real problem, I’ve never heard that before and I’ve sent time multiple times many times. Given you can’t tell how much Play time they have from your phone remote this makes no sense. If child says I didn’t get it, I send again then they get 2x the time? Also to me this also makes no sense with the idea of continuous time. If I under stand that I can say play for 1hr starting now. So why would sending again mean play for 1hr starting from when you run out of sent play time. It’s also inconsistent with how limited time works. If I send play for 1hr and they have 15 minutes of play time still in the daily then the 1hr does not add on to the end of that, rather that 15 minutes is used up during the play, effectively both running simultaneously.

    Oli - 19/01/2016

    Thanks for your feedback, this is something that we definitely need to fix and have Play time showing up on the parents device, and also show when it’s been received.

    The Play feature is not something that adds more time to the Daily Limit, even though it seems like it does. What it does is remove restrictions from the device for the set amount of time, so the Bedtime Blocker, School Time Blocker and Daily Limit will no longer block apps during that time. Also it starts counting down straight away instead of in the Daily Limit where only time spent on chosen apps is counted.

    Hopefully that makes a bit more sense now when it comes to it being cumulative.

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