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What happens if my children aren’t connected to the internet when I send a Play or Pause?

The Play or Pause will not reach them and it does not get applied once they reconnect to the internet. The Play or Pause features are time sensitive so it would be confusing if your children reconnected to the internet after a week and all of the past weeks Plays and Pauses arrived at the same time.

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  • Reuben Farrelly - 21/02/2016

    My son can stop me sending a pause to his device by disabling Wifi when he thinks he may be in trouble or doesn’t actively need the Internet. Seems to me like a fairly big hole in the concept….

    Oli - 22/02/2016

    Yes that is possible Reuben, the Pause feature does need an active internet connection to be able to arrive at your child’s device. This still works for most parents because kids don’t want to disconnect their internet because it stops them using most of their apps, also they would need to know when the parent was sending the pause.

    Reuben Farrelly - 22/02/2016

    Hi Oli, he has worked out that if he turns Wifi off, he also doesn’t get advertisements in his games which annoy him, so his intention isn’t always to avoid being disabled. But it does mean when he is playing these games I can’t stop him 🙁

    Oli - 22/02/2016

    Sorry to hear that Reuben, maybe a feature that allows you to block the Wifi option is something we can include in the future. If your son has Android Marshmallow there’s a workaround that will allow to to prevent him from turning off the wifi, check out this blog post to see how to do that.

  • Jozef - 10/11/2015

    Actually, it would make sense to store “Play time” end date/time on server and let device to pull it from there once it connects to the Internet. That way it would not be required for all devices to be online in the moment of sending the “Play” message. But yes, it would still be required to connect to the Internet at least once before “Play time” expired.

    Oli - 13/11/2015

    Thanks for that Jozef, we’re looking into different ways to deliver the Play/Pause time. But we figured that if those Play/Pauses were stored on the server and the device didn’t connect for several days then they might all hit at once. I suppose the problem is finding how long Play/Pause are relevant for, and therefore determining the length of time to queue them up on the server for.

    Jozef - 13/11/2015

    I’ve got some idea, but I don’t want to spam your discussion forum – going to send email to your support 🙂

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